Payroll Services

For over 20 years, ESI Payroll has delivered unrivaled payroll services for companies as small as one employee to global enterprises with thousands across the globe.

User-Friendly – Easy to Use!

ESI Payroll software is designed to handle payroll needs with a very user-friendly, step-by-step process that is fast and efficient. Payroll is completed in minutes with accuracy and confidence.

Real Time – Web Based Payroll Processing

Payroll can be processed from anywhere at anytime. Employee data resides on our secure servers, allowing you flexibility and access 24/7. Plus, print checks and reports immediately, no waiting for batch processing or system synchronization from the vendor. Simply submit payroll and immediately print reports.

Your Payroll – Your Way!

ESI Payroll offers the flexibility of choosing services and options that meet your needs:

We will file your taxes for you so that you can spend more time focusing on your business.

We will manage your tax payments so that you do not fall behind.

Eliminate useless paperwork through electronic direct deposit, a convenient method for both you and your employees.

Measure your performance using our world-class reporting system. Review past performance to better forecast future expenses.

We provide a secure portal for your employees so that they can manage simple tasks themselves.

“Go Green” and save on postage and paper by the use of pay stub delivery via email.

Print business checks on the spot.

Access detailed reports regarding Workers’ Compensation to better track your outgoing expenses.

Never worry about software upgrades or loss of data due to hardware failure, because all payroll records are safely stored on the cloud.

All PTO is stored and calculated to include accrual.

Workers’ Compensation

Focused on the critical aspects of workers’ compensation, ESI provides a wide variety of tools and services as well as an experienced staff to keep our clients and their employees safe. With the construction industry being a specialty of ESI, we take a unique approach to the ever changing workers’ compensation arena.

Investing in the right coverage and financial strength behind your workers’ compensation program is vital. ESI is partnered with multiple workers-compensation carriers that are capable of assisting all clients. This allows our clients to meet and exceed virtually any builder requirements and keeps them approved to bid and land those all important projects. The added value of paying for workers’ compensation as you go, never having to be audited and a dedicated certification department, allows our clients a cost effective solution to workers’ compensation coverage.

Providing our clients with the tools, assistance and know how to take charge and maintain a strong safety culture is mission critical to ESI. Our team of Construction Safety Specialists (CSS) have over 80 years of combined experience in the safety arena and the PEO industry. Whether it’s job/work site inspections, OSHA assistance, sample safety programs/manuals or specific safety topics and training tools, ESI’s safety team is ready to provide our clients with top notch service.

Employers want to know that work comp claims are handled timely and accurately. They also want to know that their workers are receiving the proper care/treatment. An employee out of work is a loss in productivity. This is why our team of certified adjusters and licensed nurse case managers handle claims from the moment they are called in, to the day the worker is ready to return to the work force. With the comfort we provide with 24 hour claims reporting, start to finish claims management, fraud investigation and highly skilled legal support, our clients can rest assured that their claims are in the best possible hands.

Did You Know?

If an employer fails to obtain required coverage and an accident occurs, the injured employee(s) can file a civil lawsuit and file a claim against the state workers’ compensation system. Stop-work orders and fines are oftentimes levied in addition to injunctions and assessments against the employer. This can even include exposure to business and personal assets!

Employee Leasing

ESI knows each business is unique and the best solution for your specific administrative needs. Sometimes the situation calls for a complete turn-key solution called Employee Leasing.

Through a contractual agreement which is known as “co-employment,” Employee Leasing Solutions provide companies with one central source for all tax, employee and legal compliance issues, as well as the administration of all workers’ compensation, benefits, and unemployment.

Employee Leasing is achieved through the hiring of a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) who in turn takes over all of the functions of employment. This allows you, the business owner, to devote all of your resources toward running and growing your business and allowing you to cut out the hassle of employee-related administrative tasks that don’t add anything to your bottom line.

The PEO company provides complete human resource services to client companies which includes workers’ compensation, payroll services, Fortune 500 benefits and much more. The larger number of individuals under a PEO employment umbrella provides a volume savings in essential series and benefits that often can not be matched by individual companies.

Some Of The Benefits of Working With A PEO:

  • Affordable workers’ compensation
  • Small contractor programs
  • One employee and up
  • No deposits/no year-end audits
  • Multi-state insurance solutions

At ESI we have the benefit of having connections to many different PEO companies that allows us to find a perfect fit for your company. We are able to serve clients that would otherwise be turned away from many PEOs such as small contractors and sub-contractors — especially roofers, framers, welders and other “high risk” services that will not be accepted by many PEOs.