We make it our priority to deliver advanced Internet services using state-of-the-art security technologies and firewall systems. Information is safeguarded in individual Company Vaults. Sophisticated firewall technology provides a fail-safe environment. Who has access, what types of data can be retrieved and from what location is determined by the client.

Only You Hold the Key to the Company Vault

As the first measure in safeguarding payroll information, we lock away your company’s data into its individual Company Vault. Only our proprietary software browser, along with your secret access code known only to you, allows access to the Company’s Vault. Sophisticated firewall technology prevents initial passage into the Company Vault without the proper identification.

You Determine Who Can Enter and What They Can Access

Developed to be completely flexible, our security system enables you to not only determine who should have access, but what types of data they can retrieve and modify, and from what locations. Additional technologies in the system are designed to check user identity at each level, providing layers of security and delivering a fail-safe environment that you can depend on.